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What we are

Nexus EC Sdn Bhd is a consulting firm involved in various expect of engineering disciplines that encompasses Civil, Geotechnical, Environmental Geotechnics and Structural works.

The firm is established with a specific objective of offering optimum engineering solution under a single roof, enabling the firm to offer cost effective, rapid and immediate solution to its client in the rapidly growing engineering and construction industry in Malaysia.

The firm comprises of well-qualified and experienced engineers capable of providing a wide range of innovative and optimum engineering solutions. The firm offers a strong commitment to serve the clients need in various kinds of projects by utilizing its specialized expertise in formulating sound engineering solution comprising vital elements of practicality, safety and cost effectiveness.

Organization Chart

Meet the Team

Ir. Dr. Saravanan Mariappan (Principal)

B. Eng. Civil (Hons), Uni. Malaya, M'sia Dip. Comp. science, Uni. Malaya, M'sia M. Eng. Science, (Geotechnical), Uni. Malaya, M'sia Ph.D., Global Environmental Studies (Environmental Geotechnics), Kyoto University, Japan Post Doctoral Fellow, Uni. Malaya, M'sia

Ir.Ravandaran Somasundram (Director)

Masters In Business Administration, B.Eng (Hons) in Electrical & Electronic Eng, Diploma in Electrical & Electronics Eng

En. Nor Ibrahim Bin Berhonuddin (Senior Engineer)

Bachelor Degree in Civil Engineering USM, Member of Bard of ENgineers Malaysia, Member Number -82903A

Cik. Norsharina Bt. Kamsani   (Senior Engineer)

Bachelor of Degree in Civil & Environmental Engineering (UKM)


Professional Bodies

1. Member of Board of Engineers, M'sia. (Professional Engineer).  
2. ASEAN Engineer.    
3. Member of Malaysia Green Building Confederation.   
4. Member Of International Geosynthetic Society.  
5. SPAN - Qualified Person.  
6. Member of MyIGS - Malaysian Chapter.   

Company Info

1. Involved in the development of " Slope Master Plan" for JKR - wrote the chapter on loss reduction      measures for slopes - before, during and after slope failures.

2. Increase project Gross Development Value (GDV) by performing value engineering - for Sazean,     PKNS, Kualiti Alam, High Projects - Achieve cost saving RM13~20 Million.

3. Optimizing Land use for Hill Side Development without compromising safety Buffer Zone     requirements and GDV - for Empire Group, B&G, Rembawang, Stable Growth, PKNS.

4. Able to provide support from Land Use Planning up to CPC - for Adaman Development, Kualiti     Alam, B&G.

5. In- cooperate new ideas related to Green Technologies in development in order to reduce     Carbon Footprint - for Kualiti Alam, B&G, JKR, PLUS.

6. Perform Engineering Audit / Check for Construction Safety Design, Adequacy, Compliancy to      Code of Practice and cost saving - for JKR, MRT Corporation, Major Road and Infrastructure     Works.

7. Perform Complex Forensic Engineering - for PLUS - PKNS, SIME UEP, MRCB and Major     Consultants.

8. Developed Mechanism for field Mapping Works for Slope Hazard and Risk Assessment - for JKR,     JMG.

9. Developed New Techniques to maximizing Land Use in Landfill Operation by reducing landfill     foot print, extending life span and reducing carbon foot print for waste management - for     KPKT,  Kualiti Alam, Chennai Development Corp.

10. Pioneering in Renewable Energy in Landfill Gas / Biogas and Solar Farms - for Selekta Spectra.

11. Provide expert witness for construction disputes - for Consultants, Contractors, Developers and       Clients (Corporates and Individuals).
1. Seminar / Short Course Given : 10
Reinforced Earth Retaining Structure (RERS - Patent No:20024225)
Title : Characteristic of Unsaturated Residual Soil ISDN No: 978-3-639-26220-9
1. Conference Papers : 48
2. Journals Papers :5


  • Address: No.50-3A&3B, Jalan Bandar 2, Pusat Bandar Puchong, 47100 Selangor Darul Ehsan, Malaysia
  • Email: nexusec@gmail.com
  • Website: www.nexusec.com
  • Phone: +603-58824125
  • Fax: +603-58824135